Frustrating Person I Encountered Today!

I get it. Yes, some of your limitations truly are all in your head. And yes, sometimes the “professionals” actually make things worse by making you think that something is wrong with you when in fact it is all in your mentality and your thought process.


I despise the mentality that it is up to you and your thinking to heal yourself of everything. Yes, good, shoot for the stars, think anything is possible, know you have the power within yourself, believe that you can change no matter what the past was like. But christ, some problems are actually REAL, and if you just met me approximately 90 minutes ago and then spent the next 90 minutes telling me stories about how people, after “working with you” for 3 minutes, were suddenly no longer limited and doing things they thought they’d never be able to do, and then tell me my problems are all just a result of a broken mind and that you can fix ME in 3 minutes too, after 15 years of all kind of hell, and then you DO NOTHING other than suggest we meet again a few times, for a small fee, you are full of SHIT.

I am talking about someone who is a fitness trainer, and who also apparently believes he can replace (1) my therapist (2) my dietitian (3) my chiropractor and (4) my doctor. I’m not inferring he believes this. He indicated as such. I went to him because I wanted someone to show me some exercises to help strengthen my glutes to alleviate some of my IT band issues. Instead, I got 90 minutes of a man telling me my father was not adequately supportive and that I needed to buy herbs in capsule form from the health food store, and that the most dietitians only know the food pyramid, and that I have poor self esteem. Well, whose father actually WAS adequately supportive? Maybe like 12% of the population if that? And who DOESN’T have self esteem challenges? Sadly, this basket of garbage would sell so easily to someone who hasnt had approximately 3,452 therapy sessions over the past few years.

How are these people not in jail, but instead out in the world, doing damage to people who are pulled in by the sales pitch of “your skepticism is keeping you sick”?

Anyway I’m horrified. {/END RANT}